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Hi guys! I’m Shannon. Last year, I lost 50 pounds & was feeling so good about myself. At this time last year, I was at my lowest weight in my adult life.

I went through a really rough time & was feeling a bit depressed & over the course of several months, I gained 30 pounds back. I am so disappointed in myself & have been feeling really down. I have a beach vacation coming up & was devastated to see how I looked in my bathing suits compared to last year. So much so that I was even considering NOT going to the beach. As a last ditch effort, I ordered this bathing suit when I saw it online. It just came in yesterday & when I tried it on, I felt SO RELIEVED!!! I actually feel good in it! It was a nice reminder that I don’t have to be skinny/smaller to look good in a bathing suit. I’m trying to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle all while trying to be confident with my body at the size it is now.

I’m 5’5 1/2 & currently in the lower 180’s. I am not quite sure of my measurements at the moment.

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